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Feel free to explore our new site so that you can learn about the great neighborhood of Woodbridge Lake Estates. Additionally, there is plenty of other useful information that you may find of interest. Please take our 1-minute survey and let us know what you think about the new site.


If you are a Woodbridge Lake Estates Home Owner and need to contact the board or request access to WLHA member information, fill the . Don't forget to sign up for our Mailing List!


For WLHA members, we have added the By-laws, Member Directory, Use restrictions, Annual meeting minutes, Articles of incorporation, as well as the financials. A list of important dates can be found in the Calandar tab.  Please feel free to contact us by filling our contact form if you have any questions about any of the uploaded information.


For the public, use this site to learn more about Woodbridge Lake Estates and about Commerce Township in general. If you have questions for our board, then please fill the contact form. Someone from the board will respond to your inquiry within 48 hours.


Special Note:

Although our zip code is 48390 (Walled Lake Post Office), our neighborhood is Commerce Township and information about Commerce Twp. can be found by entering the zip code 48382 in the Zip Code Profiler on the left. 


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